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When we initially set, then comply to any goal, we are making a series of rational assessment of benefits vs costs (see KABENGA! The Economics of Why We Falter or Quit).  If the benefits of getting or having Killer Abs outweigh the costs, then we will set or comply to our Killer Abs program.

I follow a lot of blogs. And the ones I love the most either teach me something new, or present something I know in a new way that makes it more understandable. I want to be one of those blogs.

My goal is to create high-quality, original, and evergreen content that will be equally or even more useful years from now. The target audience is Asian Boys with Killer Abs and those who love them, but I want our articles to be of such informative/entertainment value that anyone would enjoy them.

With posts on fitness, food, fashion, featured monthly members, and everything else you'd find Killer.