ALL ASIAN BOYS HAVE KILLER ABS the official blog to /Break down stereotypes by being sexy as f*ck./

the Story

In 2005, I was with some friends from high school at the beach. It was the summer after our first year in college, and we had discovered the weight room. "This is so weird," I thought. "Killer abs are supposed to be this hard-to-attain mark of physical excellence or what have you. How is it that all these Asian kids from middle-class suburbia have six-packs then?" And suddenly it became obvious: All Asian Boys Have Killer Abs.

I don't know how. Maybe it's our discipline. I don't know why. Maybe it's just genetics. But either way, it's true: All Asian Boys Have Killer Abs.

When we came back from break that fall, I came across two amusing facebook groups about the Asian female-White male phenomenon, as told from the Asian male's perspective. A few months later, Wong Fu Productions released "Yellow Fever," the hilarious short film hit about the same. Multiple opinion articles, blog posts, and angry online discussions sprang up all over.

Taking this all in, I came to realize that complaining about it was a waste of time. Whining, no matter how well-sourced and argued, does not make us any more attractive. And so AABHKA found its role in the universe. Beyond just saying "Asian boys are attractive," AABHKA gives a specific, concrete, and undeniable reason (or 8 reasons) for ladies all around the world to look twice: All Asian Boys Have Killer Abs.

Hollaback in the comments: What's your story? How did you come across AABHKA? What does it mean to you?